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EFR Launches Patreon Page

Expanding Frontiers Research is pleased to announce the launch of the EFR Patreon page, a place where subscribers can view documents obtained through public records requests, discuss and share opinions on the material, and much more, all while helping us with the costs of funding the ongoing work. Patrons will gain access to records as they are obtained, viewing the process all the way from submitting requests to appealing select responses and ultimately publishing what we learn from the material released.

Patrons are encouraged to submit their questions, in addition to participate in discussions. EFR aims to continue its practice of assisting researchers with composing and submitting public records requests to applicable agencies, municipal governments, and institutions that advance research and public understanding of salient issues.

Learn more about the Freedom of Information Act, the EFR Archive, how we formulate our records requests, and how we interpret archived material and the records we receive. EFR will continue to provide newsworthy blogposts and informative YouTube content while offering increased service and benefits to patrons who help us fund the website, FOIA fees, and related expenses.

We hope you will choose to join us and our financial supporters in continuing to build a dependable research community. We are committed to obtaining and publishing reliable information with demonstrated chains of custody, pertaining to the topics about which you care most.

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