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Body Recovered Near Skinwalker Ranch

By Jack Brewer and Erica Lukes

The body of a deceased individual was recovered on or about Feb. 29 in the vicinity of Skinwalker Ranch, according to the Uintah County Sheriff's Office. "Our agency did locate a deceased individual south of Fort Duchesne, however the circumstances are not suspicious and no further information will be released out of respect for the family," Chief Deputy Brian Fletcher told Expanding Frontiers Research in a March 4 email.

EFR learned a body may have been recovered near 4500 East and 2800 South after an abandoned motorcycle was discovered nearby and reported to police months earlier. The motorcycle was reportedly called in to the sheriff's office on November 24, 2023.

A source familiar with the incident told EFR the deceased individual may have been in the area at the time of their death because of an interest in paranormal phenomena purported to occur at Skinwalker Ranch. Urged to address whether that was the case, Chief Deputy Fletcher responded there would be no further comment.

A request was submitted Friday to the Uintah County Sheriff's Office under the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act for all incident reports and related documentation of the scenes and circumstances. This is a developing story.

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