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Our Mission

Expanding Frontiers Research is dedicated to sharing information and resources that most effectively embody best research practices. Our organization takes a multi-tiered approach to providing the public reliable information on a broad and diverse range of topics.

Our Story


Expanding Frontiers Research was primarily born out of the ongoing research collaborations of Erica Lukes and Jack Brewer. A longtime investigative researcher and outspoken activist on a number of social issues, Lukes became increasingly interested in what researchers could discern from special collections of archived material. She sought the able guidance of experienced archivist Barry Greenwood in not only exploring such collections but mentoring her as a curator to amass and properly preserve materials, ultimately for public benefit.


Writer and researcher Jack Brewer sought input from Erica Lukes on a number of occasions with stories he pursued as a blogger and author of nonfiction books. Their investigations led them to independently conclude that relevant information was often obstructed from the public while dubious narratives were spun under questionable circumstances. They became increasingly committed to respecting credible standards of evidence, forming Expanding Frontiers Research, and dedicating the organization to providing reliable information through proven research practices.

Experienced Leadership

Meet the Team

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