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FBI Provides More Records on Unicorn Killer

The FBI provided 33 pages of records on the late convicted murderer Ira Einhorn

stemming from a 2022 Freedom of Information Act Request. The Bureau previously provided some 356 pages of responsive records. A follow-up request was submitted, seeking all documents not included in the initial release, resulting in Thursday's FOIA response from the FBI.

The Bureau explained 47 additional pages were reviewed and 33 of those pages were released. Expanding Frontiers Research is appealing the withheld 14 pages. The 33 recently received pages:

Einhorn FBI 2
Download PDF • 1.64MB

Download the 356 pages previously released on Ira Einhorn:

Einhorn FBI 1
Download PDF • 29.51MB

Einhorn, dubbed the Unicorn Killer due to “Unicorn” being the translation from his German sir name, was convicted in 2002 of the brutal murder of his former girlfriend. Holly Maddux disappeared in 1977. Her remains were found during a police search a year and a half later, located in a trunk in a closet of Einhorn's Philadelphia apartment.

He would take flight in 1981 and not be found until 1997 in France. Einhorn fought extradition for some four years before finally being returned to the United States to stand trial.

The infamous Ira Einhorn

The controversial environmental activist, counterculture figure, and UFO World personality took the witness stand on his own behalf, claiming the CIA killed Maddux. Einhorn asserted this was related to him knowing too much about the Agency's military paranormal research.

The latest documents received from the FBI include memos exchanged between Bureau Field Offices and partnering agencies, alerting law enforcement personnel to the fact Einhorn failed to appear for a 1981 court date. It was then that he became a fugitive and fled to Europe. The records reflect instances of monitoring Einhorn's associates in attempts to learn the whereabouts of the man considered armed and dangerous.

Writer, researcher, and podcaster Greg Bishop interviewed Einhorn in approximately 2001 on Bishop's Radio Misterioso. Einhorn was apparently residing in France and fighting extradition at the time.

The writings of longtime ufology staple Jacques Vallee contain several references to Einhorn, as documented by @seriations on Twitter. The French scientist was well acquainted with Einhorn and expressed in his writing a willingness to entertain the idea Einhorn was unjustly accused. The FBI, Philadelphia law enforcement agencies, and a jury disagreed.

Einhorn died of natural causes in 2020 in a Pennsylvania prison. He had served about 18 years of a life sentence.

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