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Jensine Andresen, PhD

Independent scholar and author Dr. Jensine Andresen talks with Jack Brewer about her latest book and the multiple, potentially deceptive layers of the UAP threat narrative

Jensine Andresen, PhD

Jensine Andresen, PhD, is an independent scholar in subjects including religious studies and cultural anthropology. She writes on the academic and societal implications of extraterrestrial intelligence and other issues impacting Earth and space.

Dr. Andresen joined Jack Brewer of Expanding Frontiers Research to discuss her latest book, Hyperconflation: Recommending a Relational Alternative to the Datacentric Approach to UAP. The book explores specific areas the UFO topic is enmeshed with issues of national security, capitalism, and privacy. The exploitation of the topic under a variety of agendas deserves serious scrutiny and consideration, regardless of what one chooses to believe about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

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