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Expanding Frontiers: Rachel Nelson

Content creator and podcaster Rachel Nelson discusses a diverse variety of topics with host Erica Lukes

Expanding Frontiers: Rachel Nelson

Rachel is a content creator, which includes the podcast, The Earth. You may also keep up with her on her YouTube channel and follow Rachel on Twitter @bloobybalooby.

This live July 8 episode covered a lot of ground! Rachel and Expanding Frontiers host Erica Lukes discussed personal experiences, ways our exposure to organized religions influence our belief systems and world views, and much more. At one point, Erica explicitly stated EFR's opposition to hurtful extremist right-wing rhetoric and ideologies, clarifying the organization and show's position of supporting diversity. Rachel went on to express her appreciation for a community populated by discerning people, including those interested in such topics as UFOs who recognize unsupported claims as problematic. A good faith and recommended discussion.

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