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Expanding Frontiers: Paul Carr and Marsha Barnhart

Key personnel from Aerial Phenomena Investigations on the Friday, August 4, 7pm EST Expanding Frontiers

Expanding Frontiers: Paul Carr and Marsha Barnhart

Erica Lukes welcomes Paul Carr, Interim Director of Aerial Phenomena Investigations, and the group's Chief of Investigations, Marsha Barnhart, to the August 4 edition of Expanding Frontiers. Aerial Phenomena Investigations (API) is a team of trained UFO investigators dedicated to conducting investigations, research and analysis regarding unidentified flying objects and other aerial phenomena.

Paul Carr is an experienced space systems engineer with a Master’s degree in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins University. Since the early 1980s, he has designed, built, tested, and flown robotic spacecraft for NASA, the US Air Force, and commercial customers.

In 2011, Paul was asked to join the Aerial Phenomena Investigations team, an organization emphasizing ethical and methodical field investigation. Since then, he has worked many interesting cases for API, and interacted with sighting witnesses all over the USA and abroad. In 2013, Paul helped start the official API podcasts. He took over as interim director of API in 2017 while reaching out to the independent research community to form mutually reinforcing alliances.

Paul has the bent of a sympathetic skeptic. Every case is approached with genuine curiosity about the events in question, and respect for the witness. He holds that no one knows whether or not non-human intelligences have ever visited Earth, but finds the question fascinating and important.

Marsha Barnhart is the API Chief of Investigations. She is also the host and producer of a series of videos for the organization. The videos contain assessments of case files, as well as interviews with witnesses, experiencers, individuals with qualified opinions, and similar people of interest. The API videos explore a variety of on point topics and issues.

Marsha holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from the University of Maryland, University College. Her background is in broadcast journalism and radio/television production. She is an Air Force veteran with 14 years active duty as a broadcast journalist overseas, 8 years as a civilian broadcaster working for the department of the Army in Frankfurt, Germany, and 16 years as a broadcast trainer/technician at a non-profit facility in Washington, DC.

Marsha has been interested in the UFO field since childhood when there was a UFO Flap in her small Oregon coastal community in the mid 1960s. She has had a variety of personal experiences with the paranormal and “other-worldly” that has resulted in her conviction that SOMETHING is knowingly interacting with the earth and its inhabitants—but WHAT that something is has yet to be determined.

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