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Expanding Frontiers: Emily Louise

Documenter of the strange, Emily Louise, on the August 11 Expanding Frontiers with Erica Lukes

Expanding Frontiers: Emily Louise

Emily Louise is a documenter of the strange and unusual. Her popular YouTube channel, “Weird Reads with Emily Louise,” has logged well over a million views of her high quality video investigations. Subjects of interest include hoaxes, hauntings, and UFO lore. Her latest documentary is a two-part video on the Dulce conspiracy of the mid 1970s.

Emily encourages people to talk to her “about UFOlogy, the new age movement and religious cults -- preferably all three at the same time.” She joins Expanding Frontiers on August 11 at 7pm Eastern for a LIVE show with Erica Lukes and Jack Brewer.

Find Emily Louise on YouTube:

Weird Reads with Emily Louise - YouTube

And on "X," formerly known as Twitter:


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