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Expanding Frontiers: Amy Braley Franck

A professional victim advocate joins Erica Lukes live March 24, 7pm ET

Expanding Frontiers: Amy Braley Franck

Ms. Amy Braley Franck began her career as a Department of the Army Civilian in July of 2013 as a Victim Advocate & has held the position of Sexual Assault Response Coordinator & Sexual Assault Program Manager for 2- & 3-star Army Service Component Commands. She has been identified on two separate occasions as a whistleblower for her actions to protect her clients as a catalyst for change. Ms. Braley Franck holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Business from the University of Maryland and is credentialed through NOVA D-SCAAP as a Level IV Military Advocate.

A certified Child Abuse Investigator and nationally certified Forensic Interviewer, Ms. Braley Franck conducts interviews for local law enforcement, Army CID, FBI, and Homeland Security & has been tendered as an expert witness in child molestation and abuse hearings. She is certified to instruct law enforcement on the response & investigation of crimes against children, including child molestation and sex trafficking. Ms. Braley Franck has successfully completed the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Advanced Sexual Assault Investigation course.

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