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Expanding Frontiers: Aaron Gulyas

Author, historian & popular podcaster Aaron Gulyas on Expanding Frontiers LIVE, Friday, June 9, 7pm EST

Expanding Frontiers: Aaron Gulyas

Aaron John Gulyas is a history instructor at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan, where he specializes in the modern history of the United States and American military history. He is the creator of The Saucer Life, a widely acclaimed podcast that explores the history and lore of flying saucers and UFO culture. Gulyas is the author of numerous related nonfiction books, including his latest, Conspiracy and Triumph: Theories of a Victorious Future for the Faithful, in which he tracks the beginnings and evolution of a subset of popular conspiracies.

Aaron joins Erica Lukes and Jack Brewer of Expanding Frontiers to discuss the history of seemingly ever impending UFO Disclosure. Find out what this professional student of history with a watchful eye to fringe topics has to say about it LIVE, Friday, June 9, 7pm Eastern.

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