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Eric Peterson 6/28/24

The Utah Investigative Journalism Project executive director guests on Expanding Frontiers

Eric Peterson 6/28/24

Eric Peterson is the executive director of The Utah Investigative Journalism Project. He has been an investigative reporter in Utah for the past decade. He gained acclaim for breaking major stories about pay-to-play corruption allegations at the Utah Attorney General’s Office years before his competition. He has won nearly a dozen First Place awards from the Utah Headliners Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists in the contest’s most competitive division. He placed third nationally in the 2014 Association for Alternative Newsmedia Awards for coverage of homelessness in Salt Lake City, a series that included time spent undercover at the local homeless shelter. He is also the past President of the Board of the Utah Headliners Chapter for the Society of Professional Journalists.

The Utah Investigative Journalism Project was founded in 2016 as a non-profit, public-service journalism and educational resource for the state and region. By partnering with newspapers and broadcast media on difficult in-depth stories, its mission is to help these institutions continue their historic role as government watchdogs and defenders of the poor and oppressed. The secondary calling is to train and educate local journalists in the practice of investigative journalism. In this role, The Utah Investigative Journalism Project has provided free reporting workshops for rural papers, student journalists and major news outlets.

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