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Gordon Lore Special Collection

A lifelong researcher and former NICAP Assistant Director

Gordon Lore Special Collection

The multi-talented Gordon Lore was a writer and musician. He authored several books on UFOs and is credited with thousands of articles.

In his book Flying Saucers from Beyond the Earth, Lore explained that he was working as a writer-editor in Washington, D.C., during the mid 1960s. He was also playing guitar at night at a local coffee house.

Richard Hall, then-assistant director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, was in attendance during one of Lore's performances during the summer of 1965, Lore wrote. He went with Hall and a group of friends back to Hall's apartment, where they socialized and Lore played some more guitar. Lore told Hall about his interest in UFOs, and was hired to join NICAP by the end of the night. He soon submitted his resignation at what he described as a subsidiary of U.S. News and World Report.

While his position with NICAP came with plenty of challenges, Lore explained it became a dream job. He served as assistant director to Maj. Donald Keyhoe until he and the major were relieved of responsibilities in 1969 under conditions that are a story in themselves.

During his time with NICAP, Gordon Lore led the organization's large network of subcommittees. He is credited with playing a prominent role in spearheading the first-ever Congressional hearing on UFOs in 1968.

The late Gordon Lore went on to work as a White House and Senate/House Gallery correspondent. He was employed as editor of The Rockwell News, and edited several journals in the medical field, among other professional achievements.

Gordon befriended Erica Lukes in much more recent years and subsequently entrusted her as custodian of his personal collection of files. This page contains select records from his lifetime of investigating UFO reports and conducting related correspondence.

Jung Letter

The file linked below contains correspondence obtained by Gordon Lore, including a letter authored by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. "I am in no position to cast doubt upon a phenomenon perceived by so many obviously honest witnesses," Jung wrote in 1961. "But when it comes to the question of 'seeing' in itself I am in serious doubt."

The 8-page pdf also contains correspondence and report forms related to the 1972 Greenbelt, Maryland, UFO sighting reported by John Seabold.

Jung Letter

More material pertaining to the Seabold case:

Greenbelt 1972 Sighting

Battle of Los Angeles

A 22-page pdf is linked below with material and correspondence conducted between Gordon Lore and Barry Greenwood pertaining to the 1942 "Battle of Los Angeles" case. This appears to be the first letters ever exchanged between Lore and Greenwood, circa 1977.

Battle of Los Angeles

Los Alamos UFO Sighting

Browse a 7-page pdf of correspondence, reports, and material pertaining to Gordon Lore's 1974 investigation of a 1950 UFO sighting at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories. Malcolm Dillon, described as a physicist, was among several witnesses who reportedly had eyes on the disc-like saucer.

Los Alamos

Letters, 1970

This pdf contains correspondence from 1970, in the wake of the dismissal of Gordon Lore and Donald Keyhoe from NICAP, involving George W. Earley, Raymond Fowler, and Col. Joseph Bryan III.


Hall and Hartranft

This 11-page pdf contains an early 1970 letter from Richard Hall to member of the NICAP Board of Governors J.B. Hartranft, Jr., firmly stating Hall's positions on issues including the restructuring of the organization and payment he was due. It also includes a 1975 newspaper article on Gordon Lore, a 1969 article on the Air Force and UFOs, and some FBI records referencing UFOs.

Hall and Hartranft

Hynek Letters

A 1971 exchange between Gordon Lore and J. Allen Hynek. Also included in this pdf is a 1974 letter signed by Hynek for distribution to police departments, urging them to contact the Center for UFO Studies when they received UFO reports:



The following folder contains three pdfs: The 1968 NICAP criticism of the Condon Committee; a 1969 letter from Richard Hall to the NICAP Board of Governors; and miscellaneous records, including documentation of the minutes of the 1969 meeting of the Executive Committee in which Lore and Keyhoe were ousted, along with correspondence between Lore and Board members.

NICAP Records

Samford Press Conference

The folder linked below contains two pdfs that make up a transcript of a 1952 press conference held by Maj. Gen. John A. Samford. The event, pertaining to UFOs, was held in the Pentagon and attended by intelligence officers, including Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, who was charged with heading Project Blue Book.


Lore Investigations

Browse a folder linked below that contains files on a variety of UFO investigations, including contributions from Ann Druffel and Isabel Davis. Cases include a 1952 sighting near Albuquerque, a 1959 sighting by American Airlines pilot Capt. Peter Killian, and others. The files contain newspaper clippings and correspondence from witnesses, along with James E. McDonald, Robert Low of the Condon Committee, and USAF Maj. Gen. W.P. Fisher, among others.

Lore Investigations


Gordon Lore was the author of several books and thousands of articles. Download the following books in pdf:

Mysteries of the Skies

Strange Effects From UFOs: A NICAP Special Report

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