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Expanding Frontiers

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Making Change Possible

     Expanding Frontiers Research is dedicated to sharing information and resources that best inform our community and increase quality of life through a variety of disciplines. Our organization takes a multi-tiered approach to providing the public reliable information on a broad range of topics. This approach includes archiving historic material, presenting original research, and facilitating a diverse range of quality programming.


Archiving is conducted for the purposes of preserving historic records and making them accessible. Such records include donated special collections, official documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act on numerous subjects, and other materials of interest to researchers and the public at large.


Our organization is additionally dedicated to publishing original research on a wide range of topics. This is accomplished through respecting universally recognized standards of evidence. Such standards and best practices are promoted through our actions, organizational values, and resulting work.

We also facilitate arts and humanities programming. Our organization is actively increasing our capacity in these vital areas.


Expanding Frontiers Research is a Utah nonprofit corporation. It is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Historical Preservation

     Expanding Frontiers Research hosts an ever-increasing amount of material being preserved and archived. Such material includes special collections generously donated by UFO investigators and their families, as well as related historical records obtained from various sources, such as the Freedom of Information Act and published literature. Plans are being executed to make the material available to researchers, interested parties, and the public at large. 

Please consider EFR as a home to your special archive collections, as well as a collaborator in your archive endeavors. Contact us at to learn more and discuss possibilities.

Financial Transparency

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